Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
batteryWatcherArgsStructure for thread's arguments
bgrFrame_sDescribes a frame in BGR format
bgrPixel_sRepresents a pixel in BGR format, in simple byte values
blob_sRepresents a single blob
blobTrackerArgsStructure for thread's arguments
brainArgsStructure for thread's arguments
commands_sDefinition of possible commands robots can send to each other
config_tStructure representing configuration
dHsvPixel_sRepresents a pixel in HSV format, in double precision floating point values (typically 8 bytes)
fHsvPixel_sRepresents a pixel in HSV format, in single precision floating point values (typically 4 bytes)
ir_rec_sSaves infrared proximity values for all 11 LEDs and the time stamp
pictureDisplayerArgsStructure for thread's arguments
schedulerCommandFull scheduler command, with arguments
sensorWatcherArgsStructure for thread's arguments
sHsvFrame_sDescribes a frame in HSV format
sHsvPixel_sRepresents a pixel in HSV format, in unsigned short integer value (typically 2 bytes)

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