File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
batterywatcher.c [code]This file contains functions needed to implement a battery watcher
batterywatcher.h [code]This file contains definitions needed to use the battery watcher functions
blob.c [code]This file implements several functions we need to process color blobs
blob.h [code]This file contains definitions and structures we need to process color blobs
blobtracker.c [code]This file implements functions we need to let the robot recognize a color blob and follow it
blobtracker.h [code]This file contains definitions we need to use the blob tracker
brain.c [code]This file implements brain definitions
brain.h [code]Definitions needed to use the mark brain thread
camServer.c [code]Streams a raw video stream over TCP
config.c [code]This file implements config header file
config.h [code]This file introduces a structure storing configuration options we parse from the command line and some functions for parsing and setting of default values
frameconversions.c [code]This file implements various functions to convert frame formats between RGB/BGR and HSV formats
frameconversions.h [code]This file contains definitions and structures needed to use frame conversions
frametypes.h [code]This file contains definitions of various frame types
guard.c [code]In this file we implement the control structures for a guard
guardmodes.h [code]This file contains some constants describing the guard's current mode, and state and state of running threads
kh3.c [code]This file implements an interactive shell to issue movement commands to the robot
kh3moves.c [code]This file implements many different movement commands which can be issued to the robot
kh3moves.h [code]This file contains definitions needed to use movement functions for the robot
logger.c [code]This file implements the logger functions
logger.h [code]Contains definitions needed to use the logger
macros.h [code]
netfunctions.c [code]This file implements the network functions for our application
netfunctions.h [code]This file contains definitions needed to use the tine netfunctions library
picturedisplayer.c [code]This implements a TCP server which pushes the raw picture stream to a connected client
picturedisplayer.h [code]This file contains definitions needed to use the picture displayer thread
scheduler.c [code]This file implements functions defined in scheduler.h
scheduler.h [code]This file contains functions for the scheduler
schedulertest.c [code]Tiny application to test the scheduler function
sensordefs.h [code]This file defines symbolic constants and a structure for using IR sensors
sensorwatcher.c [code]This file implements the wall follower thread
sensorwatcher.h [code]
setled.c [code]Function forgotten by Khepera's designers
setled.h [code]Definitions needed to use the programmable LEDs on Kheperas behind
test.c [code]

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